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Kramer2014EThe first thing you notice about the music of Greg Ernst is the sound; it’s warm, rich, and captivating. Then, without getting lost, you notice the complexity of the notes coming out of his guitar. You can identify with the expression. Then you notice the powerful yet easy technique and skilled movement of his hands. Somewhere you realize, here is a seasoned, honest, in-the-moment musician presenting his craft with great artistry.

There are so many elements to the timeless music of Greg Ernst – and this guy makes music! When Greg performs, every part of him is focused and energized. This is a talented musical artist who possesses great depth, skill, and taste. Greg’s broad musical vocabulary and deep jazz and blues roots give his music shape and form while telling stories. By design, Greg is constantly changing and mixing things up so his listeners are never bored.
Boon's Sit-In 2013 Everyone likes listening to Greg perform. Greg inspires. Greg is moving. Greg is fun! With ease he can segue between deep complex chords, searing leads, foot-tapping rhythms, gentle melodies and peaceful textures. Greg’s music touches those around him. You can see audiences respond, even if it’s an inadvertent foot tapping to the propelling pulses.

Greg Ernst possesses a musical gift, an extra intangible quality that fills the air whenever he performs. In every setting, this professional artist creates musical memories and smiles.

"You have received rave reviews.  Your music was wonderful.  Everyone appreciated your style.  Your music provided an elegant backdrop for the social part of our event…Thank you and your musicians for the energy and talent that you put into the gig." 


“A very inspired musician who is utterly amazing.  He is so revealing, open and very connected with the music.  It was amazing when Greg performed at our cultural center.  He wanted to be right there in the middle of the people and not up on stage.  The energy in the room was amazing.  The audience was feeding off of Greg and Greg must have been feeding off of us.  It was magical.  I hope you have the opportunity to hear him perform.”  Mikala Norval, Director, Lincoln City Cultural Center.


"For the past 6 years, The Bay House has been booking jazz guitarist Greg Ernst in varying formats including solo, duo, and with The Greg Ernst Trio.  Greg’s virtuosity captivates our clientele.  He is an outstanding and entertaining artist who conducts himself professionally and appropriately at all times.  I can always count on Greg Ernst and I highly recommend him.”  Steve Wilson, The Bay House.